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    Welcome to the new website (as of 2013-Mar-3).  I’ve decided to use WordPress to help facilitate more frequent updates to the site and allow for some dynamic content.  Please bear with me as I play around with things.

    This site is primarily used as an online bookmark for myself, but it is hoped that some of the links will also be useful to others.  It also has a list of things to do in Berks County Pennsylvania.  The list may at some point expand to include things around the county, but the current criteria is for the place or activity to be in the county.  It is hoped that I will be able to keep it up to date, but I make no promises.  I would also like to set up a photo gallery, or link to one at another service, for photos that I have taken.  All of this is time permitting.

    Please see the About page if you’re interested in my background and what else I’m interested in.

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