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  • The “Kids” (Dogs)

    Scentasia’s Remembrance (Reme):

    The breeder’s name theme for Reme’s litter was “Final Edition.”  We chose Remembrance for two reasons.  The first was that Scentasia was retiring and this was to be their last litter.  If you talk to anyone in the Otterhound community, they will tell you how much they did for this breed in the approximately 30 years they were actively breeding.  Remembering that seemed important to us.  The second reason was that the litter was born on 9/11/2009 (2009-Sep-11).  Remembrance of what happened on that fateful day in 2001 also seemed important us.

    Reme (her call name) is full of personality.  She will gladly “tell” you why she thinks she is queen of the household if you ask her, enjoys beating up her younger “brother,” and goes absolutely crazy at the mere mention of the word walk — she loves her walks.



    OHeavens’ Mystery Machine (Otis):

    Otis’ breeder didn’t have a name theme for his litter.  The name Mystery Machine is a Scooby-Doo reference, and a nod to the multi-sire litter he came from.  We didn’t know who the sire was until the test results came back.  His call name, Otis, is an Animal House reference – “Wait till Otis sees us! He loves us!”  Otis was born on 4/13/2011 (2011-Apr-13).

    We already had vacation planned when we found out there was still a male left from the litter.  Reme’s breeder had contacted us because they knew we wanted to get another Otterhound to keep Reme company.  We called Otis’ breeder and asked if they would be willing to hold on to him an extra three weeks until we got back; they said yes.  July 4th weekend 2011 we made the long trek out to Michigan, with Reme in tow, to pick Otis up.  He’s a clown, likes to chew on everything, and true to his call name – “Otis loves us!”  We love him too.  He has been an excellent addition to the family.



    Majestyk’s Emmet Otter’s Jug Band (Emmet):

    Emmet’s breeder didn’t have a name theme for his litter.  His name is a reference to Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas.  This was a Muppets holiday special from back in the 1970s that we enjoy, and it seemed fitting for some reason.  Emmet was born 9/1/2018 (2018-Sep-1).

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