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    So who is this guy publishing this site to the web?

    My name is George Fazio.  I’m an IT System Administrator by day, and have a few hobbies when I’m not working.  Lately it has been bass guitar, but I also enjoy motorcycle riding, photography, amateur radio, music listening, and reading books.  When I’m not doing one of those things, I’m usually in front of the computer.  I’ve also been known to occasionally watch television.  On those somewhat rare occasions when the TV does get turned on, it’s usually to watch a documentary or ice hockey.

    I’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since the mid to late 80s when I was still in high school.  At the time, it was my father’s requirement that I obtain a radio license before I could drive the family car.  Back then cell phones were expensive and the radio was a good alternative.  Cell phones were still expensive when my brother got his driver’s license, but the radio license requirement had disappeared from the list of requirements for using the family car.  I haven’t had a decent station set up since I moved out of my parent’s house many years ago.  While I would like to get something set up now that I have been in the same location for several of years, it’s just not a priority at the present time.  Some day I’ll be back on the radio chasing DX, but for now I have other things to spend my time on.

    In the summer of 2007,  I decided to get a motorcycle and learn how to ride it.  I had always wanted one, but had been threatened with being thrown out of the house when I was still living with my parents.  My father denies this, but I’m younger and my memory still better for the time being.  In any event, I got a used Honda Nighthawk 750 and rode it for the rest of the year.  When spring came in 2008, I decided to get a Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide Custom.  I kept the Honda thinking I may still use it and that if would be good to have a second bike.  In practice, I only rode the Harley from that point forward.  I recently (summer of 2012) sold the Nighthawk and it is now making a great starter bike for another new rider.   Getting into motorcycling has to be one of the best things I’ve ever done.  There is something very relaxing about just getting on the bike and going – anywhere, preferably nowhere in particular.

    Fall of 2009, Scentasia’s Remembrance (aka Reme) came home to stay.  She’s an Otterhound, full of personality, and will gladly “tell” you all about why she thinks she’s queen of the house.  We enjoyed her company so much that we brought home OHeavens’ Mystery Machine (aka Otis) in July of 2011.  He’s also an Otterhound and quite the character.  Both are a never-ending source of laughter.  Reme’s breeder once told us that Otterhounds are the clowns of hounds; she couldn’t have been more correct in my opinion.  I don’t know what I’d do without these two in my life – certainly it would be a little duller.

    In the summer of 2011, I started to get into photography.  I went on a Alaskan Inside Passage cruise with a friend.  He has a nice DSLR and I had a point and shoot.  There were things I couldn’t get a picture of without a telephoto lens, and other things a wide-angle would have been nice for. The point and shoot took decent photographs, good even, but I knew it was time to invest in a better camera at that point.  When I got back from vacation, I started looking at DSLRs and purchased a Canon EOS 60D.  Since then, I’ve dumped more dollars than I’d like to admit into lenses and other camera accessories.  I don’t expect to become a pro anytime soon, but it’s good fun and I enjoy it.

    My latest hobby is the bass guitar which I just started playing in December of 2012.  I’ve always loved music and I decided it was finally time to learn how to play something.  A good bass line often makes a song and I like the lower tones, so it seemed like a good instrument to pick up.  It’s going to be a long road, probably riddled with a number of initial failures (of which I’ve had a few already), but they say it’s the journey that matters and I’m having a lot of frustrating fun with it.

    If you’re interested in more detail on any of the above, or want to know about some of my other interests, got over to the Interests page.

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