Amateur (“HAM”) Radio

I’m starting to break out many of the topics on the Interests page.  This one got first pick because it seems to be the thing (other than work) taking up most of time currently.


I’ve been a licensed amateur radio operator since at least 1988.  I found my upgrade certificate to technician dated October 6, 1988, and I think it was spring of 1988 when I had gotten my novice license.  One of these day I’ll write the FCC and ask if they can dig up the records to verify it.  While I had an interest in amateur radio anyway, some incentive was provided to get my license by my father (also a licensed operator) requiring it to drive the family car.  I stayed a technician for a long time, working 10m on my fathers station until moving out of the house, and then took a long break from radio as I bounced from apartment to apartment for a while.  I moved into a house in 2003, and put up a VHF/UHF antenna that sat mostly unused for years while work and other hobbies took priority.  In the summer of 2017, I decide it was time to upgrade to general and passed the exam on August 5, 2017.  That upgrade spurred a lot of antenna purchases and work, some radio repairs as I realize stuff I hadn’t used in fifteen plus years was broken, and some new gear.  Today I’m on HF almost every weekend for at least a couple hours, and many evenings during the week.


More to come…

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